Experience The Next Generation of Health Care with Health Plan of Nevada: The Premier Choice for Nevadans.

Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) offers the premier choice for Nevadans who want to experience the next generation of health care. As one of the state’s largest health insurers, HPN is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality health care services to its members.

HPN offers a range of health care services, including medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits. Members can choose from a variety of health plans that include traditional plans, HMOs, PPOs, and POS plans. With more than 7,000 providers in its network, HPN offers a wealth of options for its members to choose from.

One of the key benefits of choosing HPN is its commitment to innovation and technology. The health insurer has invested heavily in the latest technologies and tools to enhance the health care experience for its members. This includes telehealth services, which allow members to access health care services remotely from the comfort of their own homes.

HPN also offers a range of wellness programs and resources to help its members live healthier lives. These programs include access to a 24/7 nurse hotline, nutrition and fitness coaching, smoking cessation programs, and more. HPN’s wellness programs are designed to help its members improve their health and reduce their health care costs over time.

In addition to its focus on innovation and wellness, HPN is also committed to providing top-notch customer service to its members. The health insurer has a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are available to answer questions and provide support whenever it is needed.

Overall, Health Plan of Nevada is the premier choice for Nevadans who want to experience the next generation of health care. With its focus on innovation, wellness, and customer service, HPN is committed to providing its members with affordable, high-quality health care services that meet their unique needs.